Soft in the wilderness (algunos hallazgos nocturnos)

Encontre varios programas y websites. Aqui va la lista con lo que pude saber y lo que no pude saber de un vistazo.

ESRU: The Energy Systems Research Unit (ESRU) was established in 1987 as a cross-discipline team concerned with new approaches to built environment energy demand reduction and the introduction of sustainable means of energy supply.”  Posee una pagina con software descripto en una linea. El esp-r es uno de ellos.

Energy Plus

Energy Plus

EnergyPlus models heating, cooling, lighting, ventilating, and other energy flows as well as water in buildings… includes many innovative simulation capabilities such as time steps of less than an hour, modular systems and plant integrated with heat balance-based zone simulation, multizone air flow, thermal comfort, water use, natural ventilation, and photovoltaic systems.

EnergyPlus is a stand-alone simulation program without a ‘user friendly’ graphical interface. EnergyPlus reads input and writes output as text files.



GenOpt® is an optimization program for the minimization of a cost function that is evaluated by an external simulation program, such as EnergyPlus, TRNSYS, SPARK, IDA-ICE or DOE-2. It has been developed for optimization problems where the cost function is computationally expensive and its derivatives are not available or may not even exist. GenOpt can be coupled to any simulation program that reads its input from text files and writes its output to text files.


Tas is an industry-leading building modeling and simulation tool. Capable of performing dynamic thermal simulation for the world’s largest and most complex buildings, Tas allows designers to accurately predict energy consumption, CO2 emissions, operating costs and occupant comfort.

Ofrecen version FULL por 4 semanas renovables por 4 mas para todos sus productos.

Canadian Architect

Canadian Architect

Tiene una muy interesante lista de programas brevemente descriptos. Vale un click.

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